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HS C57B3

Com­pact ultra­son­ic weld­ing work­sta­tion

The sol­id, sta­ble and very pre­cise press, sup­plied as a table mod­el, guar­an­tees high weld­ing per­for­mance and qual­i­ty as well as effi­cient cut­ting and edge weld­ing. The 20 & 35 kHz ver­sions are iden­ti­cal­ly con­struct­ed which allows for pos­si­ble lat­er con­ver­sion. The swiv­el­ling front cov­er allows for quick and free access to the ultra­son­ic unit. The lev­el­ling plate has a fine adjust­ment on all 4 cor­ners. This makes it is pos­si­ble to adjust height and incli­na­tion in all direc­tions. The includ­ed cross slots are for a flex­i­ble mount­ing of dif­fer­ent anvils. The 2 hand con­tact release ensures safe oper­a­tion.

20 kHz ultra­son­ic sys­tem, elec­tron­ic dri­ve for the gen­er­a­tor unit with indi­vid­ual heights and pres­sure pro­gram­ming, frame with cas­tors, safe­ty foot switch, fin­ger guard with pre-low­er­ing and path mon­i­tor­ing.


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