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Automat for attach­ing of elas­tic rings to closed waists on men’s and ladies Briefs

Attaching of elastic rings, sewing automats

High speed pro­duc­tion, using auto­mat­ic sewing two machine oper­a­tion is pos­si­ble, very short train­ing peri­od as no spe­cial­ist sewing skill is nec­es­sary, high­ly repeat­able accu­ra­cy of seam qual­i­ty.

Con­sis­tent pro­por­tion­ing of the elas­tic ring and waist cir­cum­fer­ence

Sim­ple change to dif­fer­ent waist diam­e­ters and elas­tic widths



Side table exten­sions
(50 x 40 mm), left
Dif­fer­en­tial change Removal device
Label dis­penser
Label attach­ing from the bot­tom



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