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HS C1L-2

Short seam automatic sewing overlock machine with automatic back-latch device for assembling 2 fabric plies

Overlock short seam automat with back-latch, sewing automats

Automatic assembling of 2 fabric plies up to 400 mm length.

The articles are positioned in a pre-loading station. Feeding to the sewing machine, back-latching of overlock chain at seam start, sewing as well as trimming of thread chain are fully automatic.

Precise clamp avoids displacing of the plies during sewing cycle.

Possible applications are closing of side seams at underwear and sleeve seams at T-Shirts.

Overview of all T-Shirt operations.

Long version for seams up to 900 mm • HS 231 flap stacker • HS 800 label dispenser