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Overlock workstation with metering device – Attaching of continuous elastic from a roll on open (seamless-) garments

Overlock workstation with metering device, sewing automats

Perfect quality due to the metering device with permanent tension monitoring and compensation and programmable automatic tension change on 100 garments. 10 seams can be stored per garment and 10 sections with any tension value each per seam (EST 40). High productivity is achieved because of simultaneously elastic attaching and contour cutting from a seamless tubular garment, automatic elastic tape cutting and special light foil for optimum seam line detection. Increase of productivity through extra strong fabric waste suction and backing light for better seam identification The modular system enables to adapt the automat to the various requirements through a large range of options or to upgrade it at a later date to a higher specification system.


2-steps waste disposal • HS 1020-K Crank pedestal with infinitely variable height adjustment • HS 234 Stacker