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Automatic attaching of tape from a roll on pre-closed waists

tape from a roll, sewing automats

With the automatic edge guiding system „Felix” one operator can work with more than one machine. Fully automatic sewing cycle requires no operator training time and results in consistent high quality.

Highest precision of the waist overlapping. Program controlled, infinitely variable differential feed change. Uniform elastic tension up to the overlap. Automatic positioning unit for loading.

New option: Tape joint detection

For recognition of the bonded joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sensor. Aluminium bonding tape is not necessary for detection, the sensor also identifies paper and plastic adhesive tape joints. The high scanning speed doesn’t affect productivity. Optimal installation of the sensor is possible due to its compact design.

After recognition of the joint, the software calculates whether or not a complete piece still can be produced. The tape is then transported to just after the adhesive joint and cut. The waste will be discarded.


Conversion kit for manual sewing of open side (tanga) garments • HS 800-3 Label dispenser for label attaching on top of the fabric • HS 800-1 Label dispenser for label attaching underneath the fabric • Automatic garment removal device