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HS C4J-3

Attaching of binding and reinforcing tape to turned down neck opening

Binding automat turned down, sewing automats

Due to optimal guiding binding and reinforcing tape are attached parallel to the fabric edge with 2 needle flatbed line chain stitch machine. The cut at the end of the seam is done either with the strong and very fast tape cutter HS 29-40 by knee switch or fully automatic. A binding relaxer is provided for the tension free feeding of binding tape.

Overview of all T-Shirt operations.

TP 105 slack feed device for reinforcing tape • HS 1020-K crank pedestal with infinite adjustment of height with separate height adjustable table extension left from the machine case • HS 800-1 label dispenser for attaching label from the roll. The label is feed below the sewing foot, synchronize to the sewing speed, therefore it is always sewn straight • Program controlled adjustment of the differential feed ratio of the sewing machine to stepper motor for a perfect seam optic • HS 280 pneumatic bundle clamp