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HS 963

Automatic strip cutter

HS 963 lace cutting automat


Tape cutting automat for very accurate cutting to length of, for example; sticky, curling or thin tapes up to a length of 500 mm (greater lengths available on request). The highest repeat accuracy is achieved thanks to a new concept of pulling and measurement system. Tapes up to a width of 165 mm can be processed (wider tapes on request). Equipment: Automat on a frame with castors, emergency stop switch with pressure release of pneumatic system, electronic control with memory of data for different tapes and lengths, preliminary slack feed device with large activation arm, safety cover with interlock protection, tape end and jam detection.



Ultrasonic cutting

Cutting and simultaneously welding of the cut edge with 20KHz ultrasonic technology. Kit consisting of: ultrasonic generator, converter, booster, sonotrode, special software and mechanical components.

Precise stacking of cut tapes. After reaching a predefined quantity, the finished stack is moved out of the protective cover for immediate unloading.
Elastic join detection

Tape ends which are joined with adhesive tape will be detected and cut out. Kit with special photocell, mechanics and software.
Paper pull of unit

Automatic peeling off and winding up of the protective backing paper for very sticky silicon coated garters.
Roll holder

Quick change from one roll to another by the mounting of support for an additional roll.
1000 mm long version

Extended version for precise cutting of garters up to 1000 mm.