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Flatbed-hot air bonding machine with ultrasonic edge cutting


Bonding of a tape (seam BEE) or adhesive film (seam BAE) using hot air with upper and lower transport wheels. The speed of the two wheels can be programmed differentially to each other and the contact pressure of the upper roller is also adjustable to guarantee the best seam result. The temperature of blower and tape guide can be set individually.

To the right of the transport wheel is an ultrasonic circular blade with independent drive. The edge is trimmed with high precision and at the same time the weld protects against later fraying. The machine can also be used only as ultrasonic cutter (seam WCU), for example cutting out of shapes or welding together by ultrasonic cut (needs to be reinforced afterwards with seam BTA).

A 7 inch touch screen guarantees intuitive and simple adjustment of parameter values for perfect seam quality.