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Automatic hemming of T-shirt with blind stitch overlock machine

Simple adjustment for circumference of 560 – 2‘600 mm and hem width of 18 – 35 mm

Fully automatic operation, including stacking. The garment only has to be loaded on the machine, resulting in reduced training time.

Simple and straightforward loading of the sewing material makes it possible for an operator to work with more than one automat simultaneously.

The unique concept of this automat, which is without equal, makes it possible to work with difficult and curly materials including shirt-tail type shapes.

Overview of further hemming machines.



Tension arm with stepper motor
Feed roller, sensor, CB40-C control unit with stepper motor module, compact version, 2 SMD40 stepper motor drives, 2 stepper motors
Differential change with fast spindle
SMD40 stepper motor drive, stepper motor
“NAES” type “W”