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HS 2004

Auto­mat­ic hem­ming of already attached elas­tic to closed open­ings


The cylin­der-arm machine can be used as 3 or 4 nee­dle chain stitch, 3 nee­dle chain stitch and 2 nee­dle inter­lock, or just as 2 nee­dle inter­lock. arti­cles: box­er shorts, pyja­mas, sports trousers, skirts, swimwear, etc.

Ful­ly auto­mat­ic sewing cycle requires no oper­a­tor train­ing time and results in high pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and con­sis­tent high qual­i­ty seam. One oper­a­tor can work with more than one automat. Mon­i­tor­ing of all impor­tant func­tions, stor­ing of gar­ment infor­ma­tion and adjust­ment of ten­sion device are elec­tron­i­cal­ly con­trolled.


Auto­mat­ic stitch con­dens­ing at seam end • HS 800–2B Label dis­penser • Ten­sion device with man­u­al posi­tion adjust­ment • puller dri­ven by step­per motor


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