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Multi function sewing workstation – based on flat bed machine (SO: Lace from the top – basic Equipment)


The careful consideration given to the design of this system of construction has resulted in a machine which can be adapted for the quick changes in market requirements in the shortest time. With this multi-function concept better machine utilisation, reduced space required for the storage of machines, lower capital investment and reduction of spare parts stock are achieved.

New option: Tape joint detection

For recognition of the bonded joint of 2 tape ends, with a new sensor. Aluminium bonding tape is not necessary for detection, the sensor also identifies paper and plastic adhesive tape joints. The high scanning speed doesn’t affect productivity. Optimal installation of the sensor is possible due to its compact design.

After recognition of the joint, the software calculates whether or not a complete piece still can be produced. The tape is then transported to just after the adhesive joint and cut. The waste will be discarded.


The following conversion kits are available: SO: Lace from the top; F: Folded elastic; SU: Lace from the bottom; SUS: Lace from the bottom with hem; B: Binding; BV: Binding with front side knife; BG: Binding with elastic; BGV: Binding with elastic and front knife • Normal stand • HS 234 Stacker • Strong fabric waste suction for Santoni operations • HS 800-1 Label dispenser • QSD Quality sewing device • Buzzer when changing tension