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Automatic velcro / label attaching

Attaching of velcro-tapes or labels on all 4 sides or on both sides (left and right) with free programmable bartack machine. High quality due to the accurate cutting to length of velcro-tapes or labels and to the precise, edge exact, automatic attaching. Highest possible productivity and short training time because of the automatic cutting to length, feeding and attaching. With the free programmable bartack machine the garment has no longer to be turned compared with a conventional lockstitch machine. The seam pattern program can be made specifically for the customer by SCHIPS AG

HS 800-4D-S Automatic label attaching • MC40B Maincontrol with internal and external garment memory • Conversion kit for an additional velcro / label size • HS 1022-K Crank pedestal with infinitely variable height adjustment for sitting or standing operation