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HS 290-4

HS 290-4 lift-off system with 4 grippers

Our series of lift-off systems are now supplemented with the highly efficient 4 way gripper lifter HS 290-4. The grippers are opened and closed with only one magnetic solenoid valve.

Heavy materials can also be easily lifted by the 4 expanding flexible pincers.

The open gripper is lowered onto the fabric and then using pneumatic pressure the expanding flexible pincers are closed. This grips the material and it can be lifted without the need for needles or vacuum. By releasing the air pressure and spring action, the grippers can again be opened releasing the material.

Depending on size and weight of the material pieces to be lifted, several HS 290-4 grippers can be used simultaneously.

The grippers can be ordered as a single unit, as a complete lift-off station or integrated into an automat.



Electronical control

For lowering and lifting of gripper as well as closing and re-opening of expanding flexible pincers.
  Electronic foot switch

  Magnetic valve with double mounting plate, air tube